"emotion (full orchestra)" - Single & Music Video released

Actualizado: 19 de jun de 2020

After a creative pause piano soul is finally back.

I used the time during the Covid-19 pandemic to focus all my efforts on exploring the full potential of my compositions. This meant immersing myself in professional music recording as well as (music) video creation.

As a result, I'm very proud to present my full orchestra version of a special composition of mine, emotion, and it's official music video (see below). I hope to convey this monumental emotional force which is palpable throughout this piece. Like a lightning that is inevitably followed by thunder, the song concludes as it began...

The Single is available on Spotify, iTunes, AppleMusic, AmazonMusic, and all of the below:



Lastly, I want to thank Videvo (www.videvo.net), Videezy (www.videezy.com) and the displayed actors for allowing me to use some of their footage for this music video.


piano soul

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